European Alternatives – Democracy, equality, culture beyond the Nation-State 

Diversity + inclusion / Human rights + justice

Visual identity / Social media / Motion / Events

European Alternatives are one of those brave clients whose ethos truly reflects our own. We were drawn to their mission to articulate a radical, long-term vision of democratic and culturally-open politics, society and culture beyond the nation-state.


European Alternatives (also known as EA or Euroalter) is a non-profit civil society organisation promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state. The mission of the organisation is to advocate for a more democratic, equal and culturally open Europe. It does this by providing participatory spaces, helping to develop alternative means of political, social, and cultural participation and by connecting local activists and organisations spread around Europe.


Because European Alternatives creates space for discourse to take place, we designed their logo with the ‘e’ and ‘a’ in conversation with one another. The letterforms are one and the same but when seen from different perspectives are either the ‘e’ or the ‘a’ to reflect the mission of European Alternatives. In animation the letterforms flip, merge and interact with one another. To appeal to the core regions of the organisation there are three language variants to the logo French, English and Italian.  

The logo physically carves out space in imagery revealing the content underneath or leaving behind a trail of colour. 

The overall brand is radical, vibrant and ‘alternative’ challenging the conventions of visual identities in the sector.


In the run up to the European Union elections the rebrand was launched at the Marseille European common space for alternatives, an event based on a simple premise: “To challenge the far right, we need a social, feminist, antiracist, ecological, peaceful and democratic Europe”.

The current European regime is undermining its own claims to universal rights, democracy and justice.